New 'Mini Fashion Bar' Lets You Buy High-Style Clothes in Your Hotel Room—Affordably!

Mini Fashion Bar for HotelsHotel Fashion Bar
Courtesy Pimkie

Need a jacket for sightseeing? A new European service offers clothing and accessories for purchase right from your hotel room's closet.

The very concept of a hotel room closet filled with new, fashionable clothing you can buy on the spot—just like you would a can of soda from the mini bar—sounds like something only the one percent could afford, right? Wrong!

The Mini Fashion Bar, just launched at the Banks Boutique Hotel in Antwerp, Belgium (rates from about $112 per night), by French fashion brand Pimkie, stocks boutique hotel rooms with stylish women's duds like bomber jackets, statement necklaces, cool jeans, and little black dresses, all hand-picked by fashion bloggers and stylists—and tailored to the weather and your location. The best part: Prices start at less than $6, with clothing averaging about $28 per piece.

The convenience factor—especially for those of us who aren't pros at packing light—is huge, and at relatively guilt-free, non-budget-destroying prices: Forget to pack an umbrella? Grab a cute chevron-print one out of the closet for about $9. Need a pair of black heels for a last-minute dinner on the town? They've got a trendy pair of those too, for about $34. If you need another size, call room service, and the "Fashion Concierge" will hand you one that fits.

Right now, the service only exists at the Banks in Belgium, but it will soon be available in boutique hotels in Milan, Barcelona, Berlin, and Paris.

Now this is what we call affordable luxury.

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