New Site Advises on How Not to Be a "Tourist"

Courtesy Kaeli Conforti

If you're reading this travel blog, you probably think of yourself as a "traveler," not a tourist—as someone who travels to see life like a local, rather than only go to places that will impress your in-laws and high school friends.

You're probably the kind of person who gets a laugh at a site like, which pokes fun at stereotypical tourist shots, such as pics of tourists misguidedly trying to blend in with French culture.

A new site that travelers may like is How Not To Be A Tourist (, put together by locals for savvy travelers. It delivers insights into local customs and cheeky street-style photography on clothes you need to blend in. While in New York, for instance, How Not To Be A Tourist suggests you carry a messenger bag instead of a backpack or a fanny pack that screams "Mug Me, I'm From Out of Town."

Like anyone trying to be funny, the site can try too hard and hit some wrong notes from time to time. But as a resident of London, I can at least confirm that their tips on the English capital are on the money—though their photos of what locals supposedly look like are very unrepresentative outside of the hipster neighborhoods of Hoxton, Dalston, and Shoreditch. is still too new to have broad coverage yet of the US or of the globe. Right now, it offers content for cities the size of New York City, with Melbourne and Paris in the works. Copying the AirBnB model, the site also offers lodging alternatives to hotels.

Dear reader, now it's your turn: What are your tips for not looking like a "tourist"?


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