New "sleep boxes" pop up at airports

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This month, Moscow'sSheremetyevo Airport installed new pods that let passengers lie flat and take naps or do work in privacy. The temperature-controlled Sleepbox room has a bed, a TV, and WiFi, rentable for periods starting at 15 minutes and lasting for hours. It supposedly cleans itself with UV light between uses and has an arm that changes the bed linens. Hmm...

Rates haven't yet been announced but could could reach up to $50 for a full day. See a video, below.

Another company, Cabinotel, is offering a competing product.

This test in Moscow follows a move last December by airports at Ghandi Gandhi* Airport in India to introduce "sleep pods" where passengers can rest in enclosed spaces, with a difference that passengers can only sleep sitting upright. It also follows on a longstanding trend in Japan for capsule hotels. (*I apologize for the spelling error. Was typing too fast.)

Could you see yourself ever paying money to sleep in a pod at an airport terminal? Let us know in the comments.


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