New way to find e-saver fares from your city

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We've blogged before about Dealbase, a site that lets you compare whether you would save money by booking a package or by buying the package's components separately, such as the resort rate, meal credit, and a spa treatment. Now the site is giving airfares the smart-filter treatment, too.

A month-and-a-half-ago, DealBase began listing all of the top fare salesby departure airport. If you've ever been frustrated by e-mail lists that show the "Top 20" fare sales, without pointing out which ones are from your nearest airport, now you have an alternative.

DealBase automatically shows the full round-trip fare, too, a nice difference from how a lot of fare sales are advertised in newspapers and e-mails lists by their one-way prices. (Click for an estimate for taxes and fees.)

Now if only DealBase had e-mail alerts for these domestic and international fare sales…

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