New ways to make friends while traveling

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We hear a lot about companies trying to help you get vacation tips from friends. But a few companies are going a step further. They're trying to help you travel with acquaintances and like-minded strangers. Here are some new ones of note:

Globetrooper Helps you connect with like-minded people (usually complete strangers) to plan experiences abroad. About 1,400 people, mostly Aussies, have "liked" the year-old service on Facebook so far.

Vacation Relation This is for Spring Breakers only. Teaming up with StudentCity shortly, this site will let young people find out if their far-flung friends are going to be at a warm-weather destination at the same time as they are.

Travel with Spirit Want to do some faith-based traveling with a fellow Christian? Post an ad in the forums of this site, which also spotlights nifty package trips and suggests destination ideas.

Rent a Friend Yes, it's come to this. People in cities around the world offer their time on an hourly basis to accompany you to attractions, etc. A $20 an hour rate is common.


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