New York City: A revered concert hall is showing off its modern makeover

Iwan Baan/Courtesy Lincoln Center
The Starr Theater, which "glows"

Alice Tully Hall, a famous venue for performances by orchestras and dance troupes, re-opened in recent weeks with a striking new look. Gone is the 1950s alienating facade with glittery accents. Now the interior has been opened up to outsiders: the three-story grand foyer seems to jut out into Broadway—and giant windows enable pedestrians to watch ballet classes in action. More boldly, the walls of the 1,100-seat auditorium have been outfitted with backlights to glow and even shift in color. In other words, the refurbished auditorium can "blush" to match the mood of performances of works by The Chamber Music Society and other arts organizations.

Alice Tully Hall is part of Lincoln Center, a 16-acre collection of New York City arts institutions on the city's Upper West Side (near Columbus Circle), which is undergoing a $1 billion renovation. Other venues at Lincoln Center, such as the David K. Hoch Theater (formerly the New York State Theater) and the Harmony Atrium across the street are set to be refurbished by the end of next year. In the meantime, performances will continue for the New York City Ballet and the New York Philharmonic.

Festivities celebrating the opening end this weekend. But until March 21, you may book a 20-minute afternoon tour of the hall for $5. As a bonus, if you book the tour, you can get $5 off the regular Lincoln Center Guided Tour, which explores several buildings on the center's campus. These complete tours cost $10 with the discount.

Want to see a show at Alice Tully Hall or any of the other venues at Lincoln Center? Cheap seats in advance are usually around $35. There are extensive discounts for students. For more info on tickets and upcoming performances, check out


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