Now Departing: NYC to Hawaii Nonstop for $212

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Hawaiian Airlines kicks off a new, seriously long-haul route with a seriously good deal.

For a limited time only, Hawaiian Airlines is selling seats on its new route (New York City-JFK nonstop to Honolulu) for $212 each way. As you might imagine for a deal this tempting, both the booking window and travel dates are limited. Tickets must be purchased by November 20, and travel at this fare is available only for flights from June 4, 2012 (when the new route starts flying) to June 30, 2012.

Travelers who can act quickly and book that far in advance are rewarded with flights priced well below average. For most dates in July 2012, the typical round-trip flight from the New York area to Honolulu, Hawaii, costs around $1,000 based on a few recent fare checks.

So this current Hawaiian Airlines offer, which winds up costing roughly $465 round trip after fees and taxes, is a major bargain. Scoping out the options at Hawaiian's website, it appears as if many (but not all) of the return dates in June are sold out at the special $212 rate. Even so, many round trips are available for around $650, still quite a deal compared to $1,000.


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