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Here's a special offer for the female readers of This Just In. If you print out this blog post and bring it with you to Manhattan's Bruno Jamais Restaurant Club on a Sunday night this summer, you'll receive 50 percent off the price of your meal. Located in a townhouse on the Upper East Side (24 East 81st Street between Madison and 5th Avenue), Bruno Jamais has received Zagat Survey ratings of 21 for food, 26 for decor, and 24 for service--placing it in its "very good to excellent range." The restaurant, which is a great place to spot celebrities, has nabbed a good review from New York magazine, too.

The lowdown: On Sundays, the restaurant cuts the prices of items on its menu. One course (an appetizer) is $25; two courses cost $37; three courses are $42. Female readers who present a printout of this blog post can receive a 50 percent discount off these prices, paying only $12.50, $18.50 and $21 respectively. It's a ladies-only discount: So if a female reader dines with a male companion, she's the only one who gets the discount off the courses, which already represent discounts off weekday rates. Reservations are recommended. "Casual chic" attire is requested. We're the only major travel publication offering this deal this summer. So, if you go, please be sure to let us know what you think of this restaurant by posting a comment here. (Thanks.)

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