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Get powder updates on these websites, dedicated to skiing, snowboarding, and other wintry pursuits. Snowboarding history, styles, lingo, safety, and gear, plus resort updates Detailed daily, mid-range and long-range weather and snow conditions throughout the U.S. Ski buffs' blog focusing on resort openings and events A British husband-and-wife team record a five-month stint skiing in Megeve, France, their return to London and other skiing ventures

Northeast Ski Guide: The Washington Post's report on regional ski resorts and winter festivals worldwide Tour operator's online booking engine for ski vacations at resorts in the U.S., Europe and South America, among them Innsbruck, Steamboat, Whistler, Big Sky, St. Moritz, and Las Lenas All about skiing the Rockies Database of chalets and resorts in France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Canada and the U.S. The lowdown on ski- and snowboard-related injuries and how to prevent them from Mike Langran, the ski patrol doctor at Scotland's CairnGorm Mountain Ski conditions, mountain statistics, weather and more information on over 750 ski areas worldwide London-based snowboarder's musings and reports from resorts throughout Europe

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