Our 18,100th blog comment!

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Paris at night

During the past two-and-half years, we've published 18,100 comments on Budget Travel's blog, This Just In.

Thanks to everyone who's posted a comment! Every comment is read before it is published. It's a fun job because it feels like we're reading letters from like-minded, thoughtful friends.

Jeff Walsh of San Francisco recently became the 18,100th person to post a comment on our site. He offered the following helpful tips on places worth visiting in Paris:

For macarons, visit Ladurée, near Madeleine Metro stop. The best!

You'll find paninis par excellence from street vendor near Odéon Métro entrance.

A new local boulangerie at corner of Rue de Cotte and Theophile Roussel in the 12th arrondissement near the Flea Market (Ledru Rollin Metro stop) is fantastique and very friendly and helpful to strangers. There's a nice little block park nearby, with a 19th-century Cafe across the street on Rue Antoine, where they play Thelonious Monk and early Miles Davis in the late afternoon.

Wow! Simply reading that comment makes us want to hop a plane for Paris straight away. We'd like to say thank you, Jeff, by giving you a free, one-year subscription to our magazine.


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