Overstock.com starts selling vacation packages

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Overstock is getting into the business of selling upscale vacation packages at "discounts of 30 to 40 percent off."

Case in point: A recent two-night stay at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas for $223 per person in June. That works out to $446 for a two-day stay for two adults and two children. The rooms are said to have pleasant views on a floor between 34 and 39, above the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. Airfare is not included.

Comparison shopping reveals this to be a nifty deal. Checking the same June dates on other sites for a two-night stay, I found a total after taxes on Orbitz of $768. (Expedia and Travelocity had no availability on those dates, for some reason.)

One flaw: Overstock does a terrible job of making it clear that taxes and fees are included. I contacted a spokesperson, who confirmed that quoted prices do include taxes and Overstock fees. Some properties might add a resort fee on arrival. Overstock makes you call the resort to find out about these fees.

In general, though, Overstock's discounts seem legit. I compared three other of the current packages, and saw discounts of 23 to 46 percent off what was available from other sources.

At any given time, Overstock will post about 30 or 40 domestic and international deals, refreshing the listings twice a week. It's another tool in a shopper's arsenal for splurging on hotspots in expensive destinations like Boston, Hollywood, and New York City.

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