Paris: Brigitte Bardot on an eclair

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Last winter, we pointed you to Fauchon as a fabulous place to buy food gifts. It's a great place to pick up a darling little pot of confit de lait (€2/$3), some chocolate bars, or other affordable luxuries that will make it on the plane ride home.

The shop has now unveiled its latest souvenir item: an éclair emblazoned with the sultry image of '60s siren Brigitte Bardot.

Using an innovative printing technique on the chocolate shell, this pastry is part of a series called Hommage, which aims to put the country's cultural heritage in your mouth. They've even got backing for their efforts from the French Cultural Ministry.

Something tells us that people are going to line up for the chance to let Brigitte—dressed in a towel and flavored with rose—dissolve slowly in their mouths (€6/$9).

Fauchon, 30 place Madeleine, 8th arrondissement


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