Paris hotel watch: Falling rates at Le General

Courtesy Le Général

Some stylish Paris hotels have begun to seriously lower their prices. That puts some fantastic rooms within reach, even during the high season. One of the best in this category is Le Général, a mod hotel near République.

A standard double at this hotspot is normally priced at €185 per night. My online search for a room in July—at the height of the high season—just revealed a discounted rate of €140. Single rooms are even cheaper at €120.

What you get for the price: a design hotel decked out in chocolate, fuchsia, and white; clever touches like a bright green apple on your pillow; free in-room Wi-Fi, with a business center downstairs; free access to a fitness center and spa.

You also get a trendy eastern-Paris location near République. There are five subway lines at the ready, and you can reach the Marais and the Oberkampf bar scene with only five minutes of walking. The basic rate doesn't include breakfast, but that will give you the freedom to seek out a butter croissant from one of the nearby pâtissiers. (Breakfast is an additional €18 if you're not getting an inclusive package.)

Prices haven't budged for their "all-inclusive" package, which offers both breakfast and an unlimited open bar. That option still costs €240 per night. Unless your boss is paying or you plan on drinking your body weight in vodka, you're better off buying cocktails à la carte and saving €100 per night.

Le Général,, 5/7 rue Rampon, 11th arrondissement, 011-33/1-47-00-41-57


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