Paris in 26 gigapixels

Courtesy Paris 26 Gigapixels

Want to visit Paris without leaving your desk? The largest assembled panoramic image in the world was just published online, and Paris is its subject.

The Paris 26 Gigapixles project presents an image of the city made up of 2,346 individual photos. These were shot in September 2009, then stitched together to create a composite image of 26 gigapixels (a gigapixel is one billion pixels).

The website presentation of this project is truly something to behold, but beware: you can lose an entire afternoon zooming around the online image. The site highlights the "20 most beautiful monuments in Paris" and allows viewers to zoom in so close that they can make see the frightening grimace on an individual gargoyle at Notre Dame. Information bubbles for each of these monuments allow viewers to learn a bit of history, too.

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