Poll: Would you pay extra for a fast-track security line?

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JetBlue will soon offer speedier lines at selected airport security checkpoints for a small fee. Within a few months, customers who buy the airline's "Even More Legroom Seats" will be granted access to speedier TSA lines at airports equipped to handle them. The service—which also comes with priority boarding and seats with about 38 inches of legroom—will vary in price from $20 to $50 additional each way.

At airports without fast-track lanes, JetBlue may give paying customers a free pass to jump to the front of the ordinary security lines. (I wonder how well that's going to go over with other fliers.)

JetBlue's offering takes the priority boarding concept to the coach class masses.

For years, American and United/Continental have kept open fast security lines for their first-and business-class passengers. Since 2008, Southwest has offered passengers paying top dollar for Business Select status access to faster security lines at dozens of airports.


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