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Travel is one of those things where if you did it all the time you'd get really good at it. Unfortunately, few people get to do it all the time—including the staff of Budget Travel. (We're stuck in office meetings like most people.) So we thought it would be smart to pool our knowledge. We ask you a question, you share your advice, and then we spotlight the most helpful tips in a future magazine issue. Here is this week's question:

"I'm heading to Bend, Ore.—my first time to the Pacific Northwest—in late October. Any suggestions for places I absolutely shouldn't miss? Hikes, restaurants, little local boutiques?" —Naomi Lindt, assistant editor

Please post your answer as a comment below. Thanks!

You can see answers to last week's question about Burlington, Vt., by reading the comments on this earlier blog post. We're grateful to everyone who submitted answers!

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