READERS' CHOICE: What's Your Favorite Island Getaway?

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We get to share our travel picks with you all year long. Now it’s your turn.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be asking for a few of your favorite things, both large (airline, cruise port, national park) and small (which hotel has the best toiletries?). Then we’ll compile your suggestions and let you vote for your top pick in May. Come back often—we’ll be posting a new question almost every day.

Today’s question:

What's your favorite island getaway? There's nothing quite like sun, sand and surf, but the world's very best island destinations need a little something extra if they want to stand out. It might be world–class diving, a tasty seafood smorgasbord, or something a little less definable. Well, we're asking you to define it: What's your favorite island retreat, and what makes it so special?

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—Marc Peyser


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