Rental car rally: There's still time to sign up

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Last August's rental car rally from New York City to Montreal was such as success that organizers have decided to do it again.

This time, the race will run about 10 hours from San Francisco to Yuma, Ariz., starting June 10.* You can choose your own route as long as you visit particular checkpoints and take photos to prove they were there. "Each team is scored by a combination of odometer reading, team style, and hijinks," says the website,

Sounds like fun! And the photos from last year's event prove it.


You don't have to have a rental car, though it's encouraged. Entry is $250, plus all of your expenses, such as fuel and a night's stay in Yuma. Winners receive prizes, such as Flip video cameras. Keeping with a silly spirit, prizes are awarded in multiple category, such as "most style" (which last year went to a team of four guys dressed up as if they were in a wedding party.)

*Blog post was updated at 1:14 p.m. to include the event date.

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