Reversing the nickel-and-diming trend, an airline reduces fees

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Yes, it is possible. Ticket change fees and baggage fees are now cheaper on one U.S. carrier.

The carrier at hand is Denver-based Frontier Airlines, which recently announced several policies changes -- changes that are traveler-friendly, remarkably enough. Itinerary changes on economy tickets, which used to incur a $100 fee, now only cost $50. Economy passengers will also be allowed to check their first bag for $15 (down from $20) if checked online in advance. United Airlines, by contrast, charges $25 for the first checked bag.

Another interesting change made by Frontier involves bicycles. In the past, checking a bike as luggage typically incurred an oversize baggage fee. No more. An economy passenger flying with Frontier can now check their bike as luggage for a flat $20.

Could Frontier's passenger-friendly tweaks be the start of a new trend to add value and improve customer service? We can only hope.


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