Rome: Snacks for any craving

Katie Parla

Puzzled visitors often remark how slim Romans are in spite of their somewhat heavy cuisine. Could it be their constant snacking that keeps metabolisms high and bodies trim?

Why not test out the theory—and stave off the hunger that comes with intense sightseeing—with these quick, classic Roman snacks.

Pizza. Nearly everywhere you turn, pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice) joints are cutting individual slices at the sizes customers request. Perhaps the type most associated with Rome is pizza con le patate, sliced or shredded potato laid atop mozzarella-clad dough and baked. The simple pizza bianca, a flat bread brushed with olive oil, is another classic snack. Some places in Rome's historic center serving excellent pizza al taglio: Roscioli (via de' Chiavari 34), Pizzeria Florida (via Florida 25, southwest corner of Largo Argentina) and Forno Campo de' Fiori (Campo de' Fiori 22).

Fried food. Try the quintessential Roman food on the go: a suppli', rice mixed with a tomato meat sauce studded with mozzarella pieces, rolled in breadcrumbs, and deep fried. Crocche', golden fried mashed potatoes, are another substantial snack. My favorite source for deep-fried treats is Volpetti (via Marmorata 47). Filetti di baccala', deep fried cod filets, are another classic Roman snack—made most famously at Dar Filettaro a Santa Barbara (Largo dei Librari 88).

Gelato. For a late afternoon pick-me-up that really gets the blood sugar flowing, grab a gelato at one of Rome's outstanding gelaterie, such as Ciampini (Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina 29), Bar Alberto Pica (via della Seggiola 12), or Fata Morgana (via Ostiense 36E).


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