Sales: $9 to Florida, $99 to the Caribbean

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JetAmerica, an upstart airline modeled after Europe's Ryanair, is going the ultra-cheap route to get our attention—and it's working. For departures starting in July, every flight has nine seats that sell for $9 apiece. And yes, we were able to find availability on several dates.

JetAmerica only flies to a handful of airports: Newark (N.J.); Toledo; Minneapolis-St.Paul; Lansing, Mich.; South Bend; and Melbourne, Fla. While we were able to find several dates offered at $9 each way, it was more typical to put together a round trip at $9 one way, and either $49 or $59 on the other. Even so, you've got a round trip for under $100, including all taxes and fees. And if you are flexible enough to snag the $9 fare in both directions—which we were on round trips between Lansing and Melbourne, for example—your total comes to just under $50.

JetAmerica is the latest carrier to enter the market while flying under the radar—which happens to be the headline of Budget Travel's recent story about other intriguing upstarts. These airlines tend to work with B-list airports, hoping to find niches overlooked by the bigger carriers. One of the airlines in that story is USA3000, which is itself having quite a sale: from $99 each way to Cancun, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, or Puerto Vallarta, from U.S. gateways in the Northeast and Midwest.

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