San Francisco: Street food made simple with Twitter

Courtesy yummyporky/Flickr
Adobohobo's chicken adobo falls off the bone

Next time you're feeling the hunger pains in San Francisco, consider trying one of the city's many gourmet street food vendors. The city has embraced the street food craze, with gourmet goods ranging from Korean tacos to vegan cupcakes, sold from roving operations in the Mission, South Park and SOMA neighborhoods.

These carts are always moving around, so how to find these delicious eats? Go to Twitter, and it's easy to get tipped off to their whereabouts and even menus. Our favorite handles:

Seasoned chef Roger Feely serves well-crafted South Indian and Yucatan specialties at Soul Cocina.


The Sexy Soup Lady's nutritious vegetarian soups warm up foggy days.


Magic Curry Kart's pumpkin curry has a cult-like following.


Lumpias are tiny eggrolls, served with spicy or sweet sauce; enjoy them at Lumpia Cart.


Adobohobo's chicken adobo falls off the bone.


Creme Brulee Cart = one man, one fiery torch, and lots of sugar.


Gobba Gobba Hey: Frosting sandwiched between two cake halves. Yum.


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