See how tourism affects your state

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Ever been curious about how important the tourism industry is to your state? Now you can quickly find out. The Power of Travel is a new website that lets you quickly look up your state or congressional district and see how much spending is done by tourists, with the estimated effect on tax revenues and job creation.

Visit ( and roll your mouse over your state to see the facts and figures. Or look further down on the home page, and pick your state from a drop-down menu. A new page will appear with detailed info, including a breakdown of facts by congressional district. The site was launched this week by the Travel Industry Association.

Tourism within the U.S. is booming. A weak dollar has put America on sale for many visitors from other countries. (Case in point: Drop by any Apple store in any major city today, and you'll typically hear more shoppers speaking with European and Japanese accents than you'll hear American accents.) At the same time, the watered down buying power of the U.S. dollar overseas is making it more attractive for Americans to travel domestically.

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