Seoul: Is it a bridge or a dancing fountain?

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Sure, London's got the Tower Bridge and New York has its beloved Brooklyn Bridge—but neither of them double as a dancing fountain.

The Banpo Bridge in Seoul, South Korea, has recently been affixed with 10,000 nozzles on either side of its 3,700-foot-long span, shooting dramatic bursts of water into the Han River in time with music playing from loudspeakers. The set list is a mishmash of classical (Beethoven, Vivaldi) and slightly more contemporary songs (Connie Talbot's "Over the Rainbow").

At night, the fountain is cast in red, yellow, blue, and purple lights, creating what really looks like a rainbow falling into the river.

Coming soon to give visitors a closer (and safer) look from outside their cars: viewing platforms and a café on the bridge and a boat cruise beneath the waterfall. No website or phone yet.

Only an aerial video of the bridge in action does this story justice:

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