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This Just In, as you know, is a great source for travel news. But perhaps you've read all of our recent posts and still have some time to kill. What to do?

You could check out Travel Off the Cuff, a travel-news aggregator. It relies on its users to link to the news they find interesting—recent entries include an story called "End of the Tourism Boom" and Vagabondish's guide to better travel writing. Adding stories is easy. Click "Submit News" and paste in the URL and story title. Even easier: The box labeled "First Class Submit" has a button called "Share on Travel Off the Cuff" that you can add to your browser's bookmarks bar; when you're on another site, like, and come across an interesting story, just press the button to send the story to Travel Off the Cuff.

Users can also comment on stories and can "Upgrade" stories that they like; items that get upgraded become "Top News," so you'll find out if others like the articles you post. The site's founder, Mark Wolinski, expects the upgrading to be more useful as the site gets more traffic and more people indicate which stories they like.

Wolinski wrote in his first blog post that the site will be "about what you do when you get there," and his goal is to build a database of cultural events around the world. These would range from big events like Munich's Oktoberfest to the smaller ones featured in our own "Wacky Festivals." As with the Travel News section, this would allow input from users, so if you lived in a small town in Scotland, for example, you would be able to add a local event; people planning to travel to Edinburgh might decide they'd have more fun in your town.

Check it out. And if you like site, help get it going by adding the stories you like from around the Intertubes.

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