Sheraton makes it easier to stay fit while traveling

Courtesy Sheraton

Sheraton has launched a health program at four U.S. hotels, with plans to expand it to their 406 properties worldwide throughout 2009. It's the most impressive fitness-for-travelers program we've seen at any major hotel chain.

Collaborating with professional sports training company Core Performance, Sheraton Fitness has installed pristine new gyms with treadmills, ellipticals, and weight machines at hotels in San Francisco, Phoenix, Seattle, and Woodbury, Minn.

Each fitness center displays illustrated instructions for travel-specific workouts—ranging from the 30-minute Jet Lag Buster (which guides you through balances with balls and stretches with rope) to the 60-minute Road Warrior (which tacks on free weights and cardio)—so you can make the most of the equipment.

If you prefer more privacy, you can order a bag containing a workout mat, foam rolls, stretch rope, and massage stick to your room at no charge. Don't know how to use them? The bag also includes workout cards. Plus, guests can check out free 30-minute video routines on in-room TVs.

The program also extends to food. On-site restaurants will now serve healthy options, such as a scrambled egg white and turkey wrap and a portobello burger, which can all be delivered right to your door.

Crashing with the family? Anyone can download four complimentary 20 or 30–minute workouts designed to fit into your travel schedule at

Here are starting rates right now for the first hotels to provide this innovation:

Sheraton Phoenix Downtown $219

Sheraton Seattle (1400 6th Avenue) $179

Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf $159

Sheraton St. Paul Woodbury $139

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