Sick of airline baggage fees? Get your hotel to pay for them

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Two major hotel companies have promotions in which they'll cover the costs of guests' airline checked baggage fees.

Here's the down-low of the offer from the InterContinental Hotels Group, the huge company that includes brands like Holiday Inn, Hotel Indigo, Crowne Plaza, and Candlewood Suites: You must book two consecutive weekend nights (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) between September 1 and December 31 at any IHG hotel, and you must pay for the room with a Visa card. After your stay, you download a rebate form and submit it to IHG with the receipt for your hotel stay and a receipt for the corresponding baggage fees incurred during the trip -- and yes, it has to be a flight taken for the same trip, within three days of hotel check-in or check-out.

Another fact you'll also find in the offer's fine print is that guests will only be reimbursed for one bag per weekend hotel stay, and that guests shouldn't expect to be covered to luggage over the standard weight limit:

Baggage fees will be reimbursed based on the airline baggage fees of air carriers for one normal checked bag that is not overweight and not oversize under the carrier's rules roundtrip up to a maximum of $50 for one bag and one passenger.

After the rebate and documents are submitted, you'll receive a prepaid Visa card as reimbursement for baggage fees, worth up to $50.

Upscale Kimpton Hotels, meanwhile, has been offering an even simpler "We've Got Your Bag" promo for a couple of years now. There's no expiration date on the Kimpton deal, but guests can only be reimbursed for a maximum of $25. Good thing is that when a guest shows a baggage fee receipt, $25 is credited automatically to his or her account, meaning a guest's bill is $25 cheaper at check-out.

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