Sir Richard Branson


Richard Branson

The Virgin Group founder and chairman answers our questions

Window or aisle?
When forced to make the choice, I prefer aisle. This lets me get up and move around the cabin without bothering anyone. I find this is one of the best way to meet interesting people.

The last thing I ate from a minibar?
I try to stay away from the minibar, because it's my experience that once you start into a minibar, it's hard to stop. But, there are occasions when I have a certain craving, or am just plain hungry. At those times, I usually have every intention of staying healthy, planning to choose some nuts, or fruit juice. More often than not, I usually end up eating the chocolate.

I won't leave home without...
My cell phone. It lets me travel whenever I have to, and still be connected to all the businesses. But it is the most important item for me, because it is my lifeline to my family. No matter where I am, I can speak to them throughout the day, letting me stay more than in touch.

The best trip I've ever taken? And why?
My trip on Virgin Atlantic's inaugural flight in 1984. It was the first step in building what I've always known was possible--an airline that provides great service at a great value.

My dream trip?
My dream trip is into space. I'm planning to launch with Virgin Galactic in just a few years.

The movie or book that inspired me to pack my bags?
Bill Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything. I recommend this book as a must read for everyone.

My greatest travel pet peeve?
My greatest travel pet peeve is when luggage takes forever to come out into the baggage area. I hate waiting, especially at that point when I just want to get off and start my trip, or I'm anxious to get home.

How I deal with jetlag?
I don't believe in jetlag. It's mind over matter. Working out, eating right, drinking water, getting enough sleep, and good living is the way to deal with jetlag. And, I must say, if you fly the right airline, it isn't an issue.

If I could travel with any living person...
Nelson Mandela.

I'll never go back to ____________ And why?
I never say never when it comes to traveling. If I love a place, I can't wait to go back. If I don't love a place, I'll go back to find what I missed.

If I could be anywhere right now...
With my kids.

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