Spirit to charge $20 for carry-on, yes, carry-on bags

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Spirit Airlines has taken the airline "fee-for-all" to a new level by announcing fees for carry-on bags—from $20 each way. The fees start applying to flights after August 1.

Each passenger is allowed one free personal item, which must fit under the seat ahead of you. Other items aimed for the overhead bins must be paid for. If you belong to the $9 Fare Club, which gives access to lower fares, a carry-on bag costs $20. If you aren't, you can reserve a spot in the overhead bin for $30 by paying in advance online or at the ticket counter.

So far as we know, Spirit is the first American airline to ever charge for carry-on bags.

Some people say the new fees are a good thing. Passengers are less likely to try to cram the overhead bins with their belongings if they have to pay a fee for it.

But others hate being charged a fee for what used to be free.

What do you think? Are fees for carry-on bags okay?


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