St. Petersburg

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Rising oil prices have been a boon to Russia's economy, but the influx of new money hasn't spoiled the traditional riches.

$6 Key chain Lighting up is a national pastime: Russia ranks fourth in the world in per capita cigarette consumption. The shop at the State Museum-Reserve Peterhof sells this handy key chain that stores butts for later disposal.

$17 Cup Painting gold floral-and- berry motifs on wooden utensils is a craft that originated in the village of Khokhloma in the 1600s. Nevsky Souvenir carries an assortment of lacquered tableware.

$4 Cards It was only a matter of time before Soviet-era propaganda made its way onto postcards, memorializing such slogans as "In time of work, plow through the night!" DVK, House of Military Books, 011-7/812-312-4936.

$22 Vodka Shopping emporium Passage stocks an extensive selection of grain alcohol from across the country. This Russian Standard vodka, a 115-year-old recipe, is distilled in St. Petersburg.

$11 Flask For those bone-chilling Siberian winters, nothing warms the soul like a swig of 80-proof vodka. This flask from Voentorg is emblazoned with a Russian Navy insignia.

$18 Anthology Keep up-to-date on your Russian lit with translated stories, including such titles as Jews and Strangers and Soviet Grotesque, sold at St. Petersburg House of Books.

$11 Nesting dolls The handicraft known as matryoshka has gone political—instead of peasants, these dolls have presidential faces, such as ex-KGB agent Vladimir Putin's. Vernisazh, 011-7/812-572-1551.

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