Stock Up on Free E-books Before Your Trip

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Free, public domain books—mostly classics and thrillers—can be snagged in popular formats, such as .mobi for a Kindle or EPUB for a smart phone. Read old favorites by Jane Austen and James Joyce as well as adventure tales and modern romances.

Wattpad is a star e-book app for delivering up to 100,000 free e-books (Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Windows Mobile; free).

Project Gutenberg has 38,000 free downloadable books that are readable on nearly any device.

The iPad's iBookstore automatically includes this library of free books.

For Kindle devices, point your browser to to download the files to your computer and then transfer them to the Kindle via USB cable. For Android and iPhones, use go to the same site and download the files directly.

Barnes & Noble Nook users can bag some from e-books on this special page.

Google Books lists nearly three million free e-books, which can be browsed by clicking on its Free Favorite Classics and Free Action Adventure shelves. The files can be read on most devices, except for Kindles that aren't the Kindle Fire.

Kindle users can also often borrow books from up to 11,000 local U.S. libraries (where you have a library card) by going to this link.


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