Survey Says Flyers Still Unsatisfied

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J.D. Power & Associates' annual flyer survey was just released, and airline customer satisfaction keeps going down, as reported by USA Today.

More than 13,500 travelers who flew on an American or Canadian airline between May of 2011 and April of 2012 were asked to grade airlines on the boarding process, in–flight entertainment and service options, ticket cost, flight crew, the check–in process, de–planing and baggage, as well as the aircraft itself. Overall, major airlines like U.S. Airways, Continental, United, and American Airlines received lower marks than budget airlines like JetBlue, Southwest, Air Tran, and Frontier. JetBlue came out on top with a score of 776 out of 1,000 on customer satisfaction, while Southwest took second place with a 770. Delta scored the highest of all the major U.S. airlines, with a score of just 659.

Anyone who follows this blog (or really, anyone who has flown recently) may not be surprised by the results. We reported a couple weeks ago that United had taken the title of most complained about airline, according to government statistics. Back in April, we told youthat passengers on United were experiencing very long wait times and reservation glitches following the recent merger with Continental.

What do you care most about when you fly? Is punctuality the most important attribute, or are friendly flight attendants and in–flight entertainment more valuable?


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