Sustainable travel


I just attended a round-table discussion on "sustainable travel." Ask ten people to define this and you'll get ten different answers. But for now let's just call it travel that, at the very least, doesn't hurt the environment, and at best, helps it.

I love that this is finally a hot topic among travelers and that businesses are responding. For example, Vail Resorts is doing some pretty great things in this area, including serving hormone-free meats and poultry and organic dairy products in its 40 restaurants spread across five resorts.

At the discussion, we spent a lot of time talking about where the readers of travel publications stand on the issue. There are oodles of statistics, of course, but it seems to me the best way to find out what readers think about something is to ask the readers themselves. (I know, crazy idea.)

Here are the questions:

Would you be more likely to pick an airline, rental car company, or hotel that uses environmentally friendly products over one that doesn't?

Would you pay a little more for a flight, rental car, or hotel room if it was better for the environment?

In general, do you consider sustainability when planning a trip?

EARLIER Budget Travel's coverage of eco-tourism and "sustainable travel."

Photo by WoodleyWonderWorks on Flickr via Creative Commons

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