Thailand's Floating Vineyard

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At the 10,000-acre Siam Winery near Bangkok, guided tours include a three-course lunch--served with the vineyard's finest.

Some people may be fooled, especially after a glass of the special reserve Shiraz, but the "floating vineyard" at Thailand's Siam Winery isn't actually buoyant. The 10,000-acre vineyard, an hour southwest of Bangkok, only appears to be floating because the plants are set along deep irrigation canals (an asset during monsoon season). Siam Winery runs four-hour guided tours year-round, but the best time to stroll in the vineyard is during the November-to-April harvest. You'll learn about cultivation and blending before moving on to tank and barrel tastings and a three-course lunch--curry, chili-and-lemongrass soup, and pad thai--served with Siam Winery's signature malaga blanc and pokdum, a red varietal that pairs nicely with fiery foods. 011-66/2533-5600,, from $21, closed Sun.

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