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Thank you for reading the blog this year! The most viewed entries were the ones based on readers comments, and if you commented on a blog post recently, we particularly thank you. Traveling is something few of us get to do as much as we like, but by pooling our knowledge, we all benefit.

Merry Christmas! And happy travels to you in 2008!


Jaunted: Paul Brady gives the scoop on How to Keep Your Frequent Flier Miles Alive When You Can't Fly on an Airline.

Gadling: Neil Woodburn has a fascinating 16-part blog series on his trip to North Korea.

Gridskipper's Chris Mohney polled his readers to find out their picks on how to Drink Classy in New York. (What guidebook can compete with an instant poll of hip folks like that?)

World Hum contributors have a strong literary bent, and they have named the travel books they loved most in 2007.

Slate: Rolf Potts won an award for this piece: Virgin Trail: Travels in the Other Central America.

Ben Popken has become a travelers's avenging angel at The Consumerist. Witness this recent post: Hawaiian Air Charges a $75 Death Fee.

On his blog, Tim Leffel offered some tips on How to Find Useful Travel Destination Websites.

Last, Steve Hendrix has been on a roll at The Washington Post with several fun stories in the past year or so. One favorite is Rafting's Flip Side.

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