The 3 Best Camera-phones by Network

(Courtesy Brett Jordan/Flickr
The new iPhone 4s

When your primary camera is out of the picture, these three smartphones make solid backups.

iPhone 4S

CARRIER: AT&T; and Verizon

The new iPhone 4S has a camera that's even better than that of its predecessor. Like the 4, it has a feature called HDR (high dynamic range), which snaps three photos at different exposure levels simultaneously and combines their best aspects to create one perfect picture. Unlike the 4, the camera takes higher-resolution shots (8 MP to the iPhone 4's 5) and has auto-focus and face-detection features., 16G iPhone 4 from $99 and 4S from $199 with contract.

myTouch 4G Slide


Thanks to its advanced sensor for sharper low-light photos, its 1080p HD camcorder, and its complete lack of shutter lag, the 8 MP myTouch 4G Slide is Android's top camera-phone, hands down., from $200 with contract.



The latest version of HTC's 4G EVO benefits from three key advances-a zippier processor, improved battery life, and the (gimmicky-but-fun) breakthrough of the year: America's first 3-D camera-phone (actually, two 5 MP cameras side by side). No funny glasses required., from $200 with contract.

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