The Best Time to Buy Thanksgiving Plane Tickets Is...

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Spoiler alert: It may be time to pounce.

We get asked all the time, “When’s the best time to buy airline tickets?” So you can imagine, as the busy holiday travel season approaches, the urgency with which that question gets asked only increases.


Our friends at the global travel search engine Skyscanner have gotten out ahead of the holiday rush with some research that should help you nab a good deal. The prime time: Now. That is, starting this week, when Skyscanner predicts that travelers can find savings of up to 4 percent and an average round-trip domestic airline ticket around $300. If your first reaction is, “Pounce!” you’re not far from wrong.


If you’re wondering where Skyscanner got its crystal ball, the answer is: Data. By crunching last year’s Thanksgiving travel numbers, the ideal window of opportunity became clear. At the moment, the most popular Thanksgiving destinations are some tried-and-true travel favorites (many a far cry from Grandma’s pumpkin pie), including: Cancun, New York City, Orlando, London, and Paris.


Skyscanner also shared some airfare-booking hacks that you can use this holiday season or any time to nab a deal:

  • Expand flight searches to include other area airports.
  • Tweak travel itinerary dates of departure and return.
  • Set up price alerts to track the cost of a desired flight route and purchase a fare once the price drops.

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