The best tourist traps?

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Some "tourist traps" are definitely worth a visit, as Budget Travel explored in a story called "Where Locals Fear to Tread."

In a recent blog post, Erik Torkells invited you to share your favorite tourist traps. Check out what some of our readers picked. And if you haven't added your suggestion, feel free to do so below.

Mackinac Island is a total tourist trap and I love it. Renting a bike and riding around the island. Touring the fort and watching the guides shoot the cannon. Taking the horse-and-buggy ride. And, of course, buying fudge.—Carol

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland. I think most Icelanders go to Reykjavik's public pools (which are great as well), but there is no experience as relaxing as the one you'll have at the Blue Lagoon. Stand under the waterfall, rub silica sand all over your body, relax in the warm waters and enjoy the scenery...sure, you'll be surrounded by other tourists, but you'll be too serene to care.—Rachel

South Seas Resort, Captiva Island, FL is one of my favorite resorts. I haven't visited there since it suffered severe hurricane damage a few years back but I am sure that now that it has been fully restored, I would fall in love with it all over again.—Susan

My favorite tourist trap is Venice, Italy. I never tire of going there.—M. Herrick

Da Yooper Tourist Trap is a wonderful place for Yoopers who do not live in the U.P. (upper Peninsula of Michigan) anymore. It is on the road between Marquette and Micigan. The plate on the front of my car came from there!!—Merie

Every year my husband and I go to Key West for a quick pick-me-up vacation and every year we continue to go to Mallory Square for the Sunset Celebration. It is such a wonderful tourist trap but the sites are well worth it. The sunsets are always something special to watch, but the fun is in watching the street performers as well as their audiences who both entertain while you wait. We wouldn't miss it!—Patti

Seaport Village in San Diego.—Bianca

The Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole. It is located on Town Square, and the bar stools are saddles. The rest of the bar is decorated with a taxidermy (a grizzly bear and a bobcat are my favorites), old photos featuring famous actors and singers from the 50s and 60s, and other random cowboy memorabilia. But on any given day you are just as likely to meet a tourist as a local having a beer on the saddle next to you.—Lauryn

Can't disagree with you more about the Cliff House. Was there for Labor Day weekend; it was sunny and glorious. We ate at Sutro's at the Cliff House, which is the more high end restaurant. Everything was delicious.—Carol

Wall Drug, South Dakota. It was here I first discovered what a tourist trap really is! Now, it is so camp and nostalgic, it just makes us laugh. Reading the billboards all across the state is still the most interesting thing about the drive to the Black Hills. Oh, and don't forget the prairie dog town!—Corie

The Space Needle in Seattle. You only go there when you have out-of-town guests (of which I am now one), but you enjoy it each time, as do your guests. An unparalleled view of Seattle, the Olympic Peninsula, and Elliott Bay.—Larry

Pigeon Forge Tennessee is absolute fun and enjoyment. Lots of shows: breakfast shows, lunch shows, dinner shows. Great restaurants, nationally known ribs, and wonderful, reasonably priced food at dinners, like Mel?s. Plenty to keep you and your family enjoyably entertained. Don?t miss the Dixieland Stampede show. We stayed at the Holiday Inn and the warm pool with waterfall and the hot tub were a welcome comfort after each day of being a tourist and kids are restricted after 11:00PM so adults can just relax. We were there for a week and plan to return ASAP. We are 60 years old and can truly say it was the most enjoyable vacation we ever had.—Carl

The biggest tourist trap of them all...South of the Border. This stop sits at the border of North and South Carolina on I-95. You can't miss it because Pedro warns you of its coming (from both directions) with bill boards from Florida to NY.—Amanda

In New York City:

The view from the Empire State Building

The Staten Island ferry ride (both ways)

Brooklyn's Bargemusic

Lincoln Center's Midsummer Night's Swing

Sing-along Messiah with the Met

Central Parks' The Great Lawn on Saturdays


The Cliff House is great! Actually, not so much the actual house, but underneath, where there's a mechanical museum of antique coin-operated novelty machines of all sorts, and outside where there's a walk-in camera obscura! I hope you didn't miss these - to get that far and not have all that fun would be a real shame.—Sarah

My favorite tourist trap is Carmel, CA. On the weekend following Thanksgiving it's so crowded it's sometimes hard to walk on the sidewalk. However, the air smells of pine, there are lots of good places to eat, and it's a very dog friendly town, with lots of happy pet owners.—Malinda

Mardi Gras World in New Orleans. I took my brother there during his recent visit and we had more fun than two adults should - playing dress up in the costumes, then taking photos beside our favorite floats. We laughed like we were kids! Too much fun - I'll be bringing other visitors there!—Melissa

Where in the world is more touristy than all of Las Vegas? I love it every visit and as soon as I leave, can't wait to go back.—Rosalie

In Chicago:an architectural boat tour along the Chicago river, the "bean" in Millennium Park, drinks on the 95th floor of the Hancock Building—Susan

I love Hoover Dam just outside of Las Vegas in Boulder City, Nevada. I don't know if Hoover Dam qualifies as a tourist trap, but there are a lot of tourists on the dam tour. It's really a fascinating tour and the enormity of the structure is awesome. Plus the the souvenir t-shirts are great - "I went on the dam tour at Hoover Dam."—Sally

My favorite tourist trap to date is The Louvre. As an art history buff, it was a must for my first trip to Paris.—Kaci

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