The first "eye-print" cards will let you skip Customs

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New digital cards will let Americans avoid customs lines at an overseas airport for the first time, says USA Today. U.S. travelers approved for the ID card will pass through an express lane at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. The cards are embedded with an image of the traveler's iris, which offers a unique pattern to help identify the person, says the Department of Homeland Security.

To join, you must enroll in the Amsterdam airport's trusted-traveler program, Privium, which requires paperwork and a yearly fee of $143. Sign up at the airport's website. This program starts at JFK airport and will expand to 13 more U.S. airports by the end of the year. Enrollment costs $100 per person and lasts five years. Additional ones are expected for Australia, Britain, and Germany reasonably soon, say government documents.

Dutch nationals can apply for the service to visit the U.S. by clicking here.


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