The other blossoms worth celebrating

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A cherry blossom tree next to an apple blossom tree outside of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City.

Cherry trees may take center stage in the spring (as the numerous festivals around the world demonstrate), but they're not the only woody perennials that paint the landscape with colorful, fragrant blossoms this time of year. Here are the other trees that we love when they're in bloom:

Plum Blossom Trees

Plum trees look surprisingly similar to cherry blossoms and, it turns out, are cause for celebration as well. According to CNN, the city of Nanjing in China started celebrating the blossoms in 1995. The celebrations continue to this day with performances by folk singers and dance troupes and are decidedly less popular (and therefore less crowded) than cherry blossom festivals. While plum trees originated in China, they're no longer unique to the country—you can find them in Japan too, which also celebrates the pink and white blossoms in the spring (check out the Kairakuen Plum Blossom Festival in Mito, Japan). These trees typically flower between late February and mid March.

Apple Blossom Trees

I don't know about you, but when I think about apple trees I think about, well, apples. Before that juicy red fruit appears, however, these trees come alive with a lacy filigree of small, pink flowers that slowly turn white before falling from the branches. You can appreciate these fragrant blooms from April to September. If you want to celebrate them, consider a trip to Winchester in Shenandoah Valley for their annual Apple Blossom Festival. For the past 84 years this Virginia town has been honoring their apple trees with live music, dances, parades, and a 10K race. This year's festivities take place from April 25 through May 1.

Pear Blossom Trees

Similar to apple blossoms, pear trees come alive with thousands of delicate, snow-white flowers in the spring. The blooms start to appear in early to mid April and can last for up to a month. A quick internet search revealed that the pear blossom receives special attention in at least one U.S. state—Oregon. On Saturday, April 9 the town of Medford, Oregon celebrates its pear trees as it has done for the past 54 years, with a Pear Blossom Festival Parade. The parade is, of course, a highlight, but the celebration also includes a series of dance competitions, food-and-wine pairings, and a street fair.

Are there any other blossoms worth celebrating? Tell us below!

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