The passengers strike back

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In June, Delta kept passengers of flight 6499 on the tarmac for seven hours.

How bad was this experience? You can get a sense by watching this seven-minute video, filmed and edited by a passenger.

Listen to how the passengers were denied food for six hours, while the crew was allowed to leave the plane.**

Be warned, airlines: More and more passengers are going to be documenting poor customer service.

By the way, you don't need a video camera to file a complaint. You can simply call the government's Aviation Consumer Complaints Hotline, at 202-366-2220, or send an email to

Update, 8/28: You can post a comment right now on the question: Which airline do you refuse to fly, and why?

**Editors' note: Pilots must receive eight hours of rest every 24 hours, according to government regulations. If an airline fails to let one of its flight crews rest, it will face fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the circumstances. However, there are no federal regulations limiting the number of hours that pilots can keep passengers on a plane that is grounded on the tarmac.

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