"They Give Medals for What?!"

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Here are five unusual Olympic events that we're having trouble accepting.

We've come to accept table tennis as an Olympic sport, but we're still a long way from embracing the following events:

1. Badminton. Isn't this a lawn game?

2. Canoe/Kayak Slalom. Paddlers negotiate gates in white water. Maybe this event should be renamed Shock and Oar.

3. Modern Pentathlon. Think "medley of 19th-century cavalry soldier drills." We have two words for this event: Odd and outdated.

4. Team Handball. Played like indoor soccer, except with the players' hands doing the work of the feet. What's next? Ultimate Frisbee?

5. Beach Volleyball. It gets enough TV airtime to make it feel Olympics-worthy, but isn't this a sport most people play while drinking?

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