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They Know Where You Are

By Cara Froedge
updated February 21, 2017
Courtesy Magellan
As the latest wave of gizmos illustrates, GPS technology is now popping up all over--even underfoot.

Magellan Maestro: It's the only car navigation system preloaded with AAA's TourBook, including info on attractions, campgrounds, approved auto-repair facilities, and rated lodgings and restaurants throughout North America. magellangps.com, from $400.

Garmin Mobile: 10 Smaller than a deck of cards, the device plugs into a PDA, smartphone, or PC laptop to create a navigation system with detailed street maps and everything else that comes with a good GPS system. garmin.com, $200.

Suunto X9i Watch: Plot hiking routes, and the digital watch coaches you on where to turn. It also tracks your speed, shows how far you've walked, and projects an arrival time. suunto.com, $500.

Xplorer Sneakers: You set boundaries, and if they're crossed, the shoes send a message to a cell phone or computer. Best for backcountry hikers (and paranoid parents), the shoes go on the market this summer. gtxcorp.com, from $200.

Gaper Guide: Starting June 1, visitors to the Yellowstone National Park area can rent a GPS device that doubles as a dashboard tour guide. 307/733-4626, gaperguide.com, $35 for full day.

Go Car Tours: Drivers tool around San Francisco, San Diego, and soon Miami in three-wheelers that talk. In San Diego, the car says, "Can you spot the haunted house on the left corner ahead, behind the trees and iron fence? To hear more...drive across Island Avenue." 800/914-6227, gocarsf.com, $44 for first hour.

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