Think You Know New York City?


Put your city smarts to the test by taking our 12-question trivia quiz—each answer reveals a neat tip for your next visit.

A New Yorker is someone who knows all the bargain aisles, racks, and bins, but none of his or her neighbors. It's a highly competitive pastime of some to know which chef is cooking where or what club is hot on Tuesday nights. Others learn every fact about, say, the city's bridges and are happy to share that information with only a hint of encouragement.

It's all about bragging rights, and we're offering you a chance to earn some of your own. Test your mettle by answering these 12 questions and find out what kind of New Yorker you are (honorary as the case may be). Each correct answer earns you one point. Earn 12 points, and we'll make you Mayor by acclamation. Score 10 or higher, and you're qualified to manage the Yankees or the Mets—or at least to have a very strong opinion about them. Anything less, and you'll need to keep visiting until you get it right.

Charlie Suisman is the man behind Manhattan User's Guide, a website that sends out weekday e-mails on everything from the latest hot spots to the most reliable plumber (and the occasional trivia quiz, too).

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