Travel Points Hack! This Free Online Service Helps You Earn Rewards FAST

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For frequent flyers and points-collectors, the holy grail is is free travel, preferably a free plane ticket—or more if you play your (credit) cards right. Sometimes, though, it can feel like the fine print on those programs and credit cards is conspiring against you. They certainly don't make things easy, do they? And forget about fast.

When you have your next vacation in mind, check out RewardExpert. It's a free online service that helps travelers navigate frequent flyer programs and credit card rewards to maximize their options. It’s personalized for each person based on destination and how many points and miles you already have under your belt.

Whether you want to go to Miami or Shanghai, and whether you have silver status or are just starting out, all of those details are taken into account. The service gives you the best strategies and tell you how long it will take to earn rewards for different routes. Even better, the information is unbiased and independent. RewardExpert doesn’t work with credit cards, so it doesn't receive commissions.

Create an account in six steps:

• First, select your destination goal.

• Then, identify and enter your monthly spending with credit and debit cards.

• Create a reward wallet by adding loyalty programs, including how many miles and points each one has.

• Check out your strategy options, then apply for the suggested travel rewards card to increase your points with the sign-up bonus.

• Finally, register for the free reward program with the destination’s airline. You’ll be on your way soon!

After you’re all signed up, RewardExpert will keep tabs on your progress and notify you about easy ways to earn miles (think magazine subscriptions) and bonus promos tailored to your goal.

Instead of spending time taking the guesswork out of miles and points—which can be confusing—you can put that effort into planning your trip.

Now, the hardest part is picking a destination. May we assist with that? Check out BT's picks for Where to Go in 2016!

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