This gave me chills (in a good way)

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After going through the first wave of entries for our 10th-anniversary story on 25 Reasons You Love New York, I was impressed by the breadth of your knowledge, and moved by your admiration for the city. I spent most of Sunday morning reading them, and then I went on a long walk, and I found myself re-energized by the city--seriously! I looked at it through your eyes, and liked it more than I had in recent weeks. (New York will do that to you over time.) There was one entry in particular that gave me chills on the back of my neck. Keep reading...

It was from Stephanie Najor of Detroit, Mich. To my mind she captured the charms of the city:

I love New York because it's inconvenient. It makes you work a little harder. It wears you out. It forces you to interact with life. With the street musicians. With taxi cab drivers. Hot dog vendors. Hipsters. Baristas. Pigeons. Trash. Trees. Graffiti. Flower shops. Coffee shops. People riding the subway. People riding bikes. People talking on cell phones. People talking to themselves. You can't hide from life in New York. Poor. Rich. Dirty. Ugly. Hungry. Spectacular. Honest. Unforgettable. I love New York. Unconditionally.

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