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In April, as part of its merger with America West, US Airways will eliminate the frequent-flier miles of customers whose accounts have been inactive for the past three years. (To be precise, "inactive" means that one's number of Dividend Miles has remained exactly the same--no miles have been accumulated through flights on U.S. Airways or its partners, and no miles have been used to make purchases.) Anyone looking to salvage hoarded miles must reactivate his or her account by booking a flight or putting miles towards a magazine subscription, car rental, or hotel stay by Feb. 15. Look for a warning letter in the mail or contact U.S. Airways directly, 800/428-4322,

The Getty Villa in Malibu reopened last month after an eight-year, $275 million expansion. Thirteen miles west of L.A.'s Getty Center, the Villa--modeled after a 1st-century Roman country house--has antiquities from ancient Greece, Rome, and Etruria. Tickets are timed and free--but do not include a mandatory $7 parking fee--and must be reserved online or by phone (310/440-7300,

Walt Disney World's new ride, Expedition Everest, doubles as one of Florida's tallest mountains, peaking at 199 feet. The Himalayan-themed ride, which simulates a runaway train, formally opens in April. The soft-opening starts this month, and they'll be running the ride sporadically. Hover around the entrance and you might just get waved on (

Through the end of February, several Days Inn properties across Britain and Ireland are slashing rates to as low as $60. Mention code SSS when booking (

Jungle Bay Resort and Spa is a new ecolodge in Dominica with 35 bungalows on stilts, a yoga center, and a restaurant featuring locally grown organic food--all in a 55-acre tropical rain forest (, from $139).

Tampa is where The Wild Things are, at least until April 23. Tampa Museum of Art's newest exhibit, Wild Things: The Art of Maurice Sendak, which opened January 29, is the largest show of the illustrator and author's work in more than 10 years, with drawings, posters, and opera costumes (813/274-8130, $8).

The ministry of tourism in Israel recently approved plans to set aside 125 acres to become a Holy Land theme park on the northern end of the Sea of Galilee.

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