This time with feeling: 6,000 luxury hotel rooms will be offered at $19.28 a night this Thursday

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It seems that our friends at Leading Hotels of the World have finally gotten their act together and will be holding the aforementioned four-star hotels at $19.28 a night promotion on Thursday, October 23rd.

From the sound of it, anybody is eligible to participate this time whether they pre-registered or not.

Frankly, I'm a bit weary of being duped again, but now that they've moved the time up to 10 a.m. Eastern time I figure it's worth a try. You'll only have 80 minutes "to complete a travel request form, available exclusively at the dedicated site. Submission of this online form within the 80-minute promotion interval is the only way to potentially secure one of the 6,000 room nights that are available at the $19.28 rate."

Visit for details.

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