This weekend: Sandcastles in Canada

Courtesy Travel Alberta

The beach buckets and sand shovels will be out in full force in Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada this Saturday, for the Sandsculpture Championships.

Held on the lake's Devonshire Beach (about three hours north of Edmonton), there are three categories of competition—family, children's, and the more competitive "open" category. It's a little pricey to compete (about $4.50 for kids, $27 for families, and $91 for "open"), but it's all free to watch. This year's theme is "The Adventure of the Imagination," so finished sculptures are sure to run the gamut. Check out the huge octopus from last year.

Judging is scheduled to start at 3:30 p.m., and visitors are encouraged to peruse the entries to pick their favorite. The top prize is $3,000—not too shabby for an afternoon's inspiration. Also happening on the beach is a volleyball tournament, and there are family-friendly activities like face painting, tug-of-war, kayaking, and a watermelon-eating contest.

Now, that's what summer's all "aboot."

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