Tips on traveling with technology from students and teachers

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We recently asked Patrick Evans, marketing communications coordinator at STA Travel (the leading travel agency for youth travel) for tips on traveling with technology. He says he tries to resist the urge to stay too "wired" when traveling, as he feels it takes away from the experience. But sometimes he needs to bring his laptop.

When hotel Wi-Fi doesn't function as promised, Evans recommends the Belkin Mini Surge Protector: "You cut down on carrying adapters because it acts as a surge protector and an outlet strip." An added perk: The built-in USB chargers let you power up a couple of gizmos at the same time as you charge your laptop. (Recently $15 at Amazon.)

Patrick adds: "Some STA customers bring their cases for laptops and other electronics with them, but a lot of them will scrap cases and wrap their stuff in clothes. DSLR cables in T-shirts, for example—it keeps things protected, and it's a lot lighter."


How STA Travel folks use technology on the road


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